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Getting an API key

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Fatos Bediu

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To use the Answerly API and manage your products, you must create API keys with the correct product permissions. 

This process is relatively easy, and you can manage your API keys from inside the workspace settings in the dashboard.

Step 1

Click your profile picture, inside the Answerly dashboard.

answerly dashboard

Step 2

On the secondary menu, click "API Keys"

answerly api

Step 3

Click "Create a new key"

Step 4

A modal appears asking you for the API key name. Provide a key name and click next. The key name is useful to identify keys and manage them from inside the dashboard. Make sure it's descriptive and very short. 

Step 5

In the next step, you will be asked to select which products should this key have permissions to manage & edit. 

You must select at least one product and then click "Create Key"

answerly api products

Step 6

Your key would have been successfully created now, all you have to do is click "Reveal key" as it shows in the pic, so you can store it somewhere safe. 

answerly api keys

Once you close this modal, you will not be able to access this key anymore. You can delete it and update this key's permissions, but you will not see the key itself. 

Make sure you store it somewhere safe.

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