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Introduction to the Answerly API

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Fatos Bediu

Founder & Developer

The Answerly API uses a straightforward REST architecture with self-descriptive endpoints and body parameters. It always accepts application/json as content type and returns JSON encoded responses. 

The Answerly API server is: api.answerly.ioand only supports https! 


Our API uses API keys to authenticate your requests. You create and manage your API keys inside the dashboard.  To learn how to create an API key, click here

To send an authorized request, you must always include the API key in your JSON body, for example:

    "APIKey": "797EA469B14D4AB5AD695FA85FD9EEFACDB40ADD86CF5E9F625E3B978979EDEB",

Request Methods

POST -  Create/Update/Delete 

GET   -  Read

Response Codes

200 - ✅ Request completed successfully

400 - 🚫 Bad request

401 - 🚫 API key unauthorized to complete the request

500 - ⚠️ Internal server error

Response Structure

Our API uses a standard JSON response with two keys status and/or data.

status (boolean)

This key is always in the response, and its truthy value implies the server completed the request successfully. In contrast, its falsy value implies the server failed to complete your request due to a reason. 

data (any)

This key is only in the response when you expect data from the request or if the request failed to complete due to a reason.

  • If the status is true, then the data type can be an object, string, booleanarray -- it all depends on what you're trying to read from the server. 
  • If the status is false, then the data type is always a string that contains the reason why your request failed to complete. The reasons are always in plain English. 

200 Response examples

POST (success)

    "status": true

GET (success)

    "status": true,
    "data": {
        "id": "6dab200a-e905-40g3-a655-59085111892b",
        "content": "My example banner",
        "linkMode": "fancy",
        "closeBehavior": "forget",
        "scrollBehavior": "follow",
        "cornerStyle": "dubbed"

POST/GET (failure)

    "status": false,
    "data": "A banner widget with that ID was not found"

400 Response example

    "status": false,
    "data": "Bad JSON"

401 Response example

    "status": false,
    "data": "Unauthorized"

500 Response example

    "status": false,
    "data": "Internal Server Error"

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